Going Solar

Going solar can save you a large portion of your electricity bill each month and add value to your property.

Are you interested to find out just how much you can save by implementing solar power in your home?

Why Choose Solar?

Utility bills are rising fast and its not going to stop any time soon. Combat this by opting into solar panels for your residential or commercial property. Our company installs the best brands of solar panels on all different types of properties in the local area. Request a quote today and someone from our company will get back to you about your solar panels project.

How Much Can You Save?

On an average basis you will save about 20-50% on your electric bill. Solar power gives you independence from the traditional energy sources. Another benefit of installing solar panels on your home is that it adds value to your home due to the fact that your power bills are so cheap.

Solar Installation Process

So what does the process look lke when we install solar panels on a home?

Step 1: Request A Quote

Step 2: We will submit an estimate and once you approve it, we can move forward.

Step 3: Obtain proper permits with the building safety commission.

Step 4: Install your solar panels professionally and efficiently.

Step 5: You can enjoy your working solar panels.

Things To Consider When Installing Solar Panels On Your Home

We all need power – just imagine what life would be like without access to electricity on tap. No more TVs, no more wireless – no wonder dystopian visions of the future often include limited or no access to electricity.

The power companies are in to a good thing, and they are not afraid to charge for it. But what choice does a consumer have? It’s either pay the increasing costs or go without, isn’t it?

Fortunately, there are a few different options. Solar panels can provide a consistent, clean form of energy for a once-off investment. If you way up the pros and cons, it is an extremely good deal.

Solar Panel Installation At Your Home

It couldn’t be simpler – all that is needed is to put some solar panels on your roof. The solar panel installation doesn’t take very long, and you are making optimum use of what is essentially dead space – the rooftop.         

No Money Down Solar Panels       

Most of us have heard of solar power and most think that it is a good idea but there is also a misconception that it is expensive to setup.

It’s going to cost you some money, but not nearly as much as you think. We make it easier for you with our no money down plans. We also have some other excellent finance options if you need a little longer to pay.

Best Solar Panel Installation Contractor   

We want you to have the best experience possible – we realize that our clients are our most valuable assets and we look after our assets.

We will work with you to design a system that is affordable and that meets your needs. We’ll help you get your solar system up and running so that you can start saving money straight away.

It’s not the only time we’ll help you save money. Are you aware that there are tax credits available if you install solar power? We’ll help you determine which ones apply to you in your situation.

Save 30-99% on your Electricity Bill

After that, it’s time to sit back and watch the savings roll in. Once the installation is done, you start saving money on your electricity bill. And we are not talking about a dollar here and there either, we are talking about real money.

That’s money that you can use for something more important than paying the power company. 

You Will Be Blown Away By The Potential Savings. Request An Estimate Now.